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Is there a written or practical exam at the end of the driving course

Yes, at the conclusion of our driving course, there are typically both written and practical exams to evaluate your understanding of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills. These assessments are designed to ensure that you are fully prepared and meet the required standards for safe driving.

Can I take driving lessons online?

Yes, we offer online driving courses that provide comprehensive theoretical instruction. However, practical driving lessons are conducted in-person to ensure hands-on experience and safety.

Are there any age restrictions for enrolling in your driving school?

To enroll in our driving school, you typically need to be at least 15 or 16 years old, depending on the local regulations. However, age requirements may vary based on the specific region. We recommend checking with your local authorities for accurate information regarding age restrictions for driving lessons.

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I am free to learn at my own pace for the drivers education class.
Mina Hollace
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