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Master the road with our convenient, flexible, and comprehensive online drivers education course. Learn at your own pace, covering all essential topics for safe and responsible driving. Start today and earn your driver's license with confidence!
  • 30 Hour Interactive Online Drivers Education Course
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Online Drivers Ed & Behind the Wheel

Experience the ultimate training package combining 6 hours of hands-on behind-the-wheel instruction with our interactive online drivers education course. Our licensed instructors will fine-tune your practical driving skills, while our comprehensive online course prepares you to ace the DMV written test.
  • 6 Hour Professional Training Package
  • 30 Hour Interactive Online Drivers Education Course

Flexible Online Learning for Mastering the Rules of the Road

Our engaging online driver's education course is divided into 10 chapters, designed to be convenient and captivating. We prioritize making your learning experience enjoyable while ensuring you grasp the content effectively. Throughout the course, you'll find informative videos and interactive elements to enhance your understanding.

Our user-friendly website makes it incredibly simple to access and navigate our online driver's education course. Upon registration, you'll have the flexibility to choose your own username and password. This allows you to log in and out at your convenience, and when you return, you'll be seamlessly directed to where you left off.


Empowering Young Drivers

Comprehensive Driver's License Education Courses for Students Under 18

At El Monte Driving School, we provide comprehensive driver's license education courses to meet the requirements for students under 18 years old. Here's a breakdown of the steps involved:

COURSE: 6 Hours Behind the Wheel Training
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Enhance Your Driving Skills with 6 Hours of Professional Training

Gain confidence behind the wheel with our 6-hour professional training package. Our experienced instructors will guide you through various driving techniques and scenarios, helping you develop essential skills for safe and responsible driving. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your driving abilities, this package is designed to boost your confidence on the road.

COURSE: 6 Hours Behind the Wheel + Online Drivers Ed
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Comprehensive Training Package: Behind the Wheel and Online Education

Get the best of both worlds with our comprehensive training package that combines 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with our interactive online drivers education course. With this package, you’ll receive hands-on instruction from our licensed instructors, honing your practical driving skills. Additionally, our online course will equip you with the necessary knowledge to pass the DMV written test. Prepare yourself for success with this all-inclusive training package.

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20+ Years of Excellence in Drivers Education

Serving California residents with pride, we have been a top-rated drivers education school for over two decades. Our commitment to excellence and quality instruction has earned us a trusted reputation among students and families. Join our community of successful drivers and embark on a journey to become a skilled and responsible driver with us.

20 years

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Frequently asked questions

How to register online?

Enrolling in an online class is easy. At MaxCoach, we serve several categories of online learners. Select the student category that you identify with to get started.

How do I customize my account?

In order to customize your account’s information, just log in with the provided passcode and change the info. 

How do you process my information?

Your data will be kept private and secure on our database. No illegal use without prior notice.

How do I contact support?

You can contact our help center or any contact method (phone call, email or appear at our office) to get help. 

How to cancel my membership?

You just need to submit a membership termination request, we’ll proceed within 24 hours.

How can I get a discount?

Learners can get a discount by coupon or voucher. If you have one, fill in the code box before making any payment.

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They helped me prepare for my drivers education exam and I aced the test on my first attempt!
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Frequently asked questions

How old do I need to be to enroll in a driving school in California?

You can enroll in a driving school in California at the age of 15 and a half.

What are the steps to obtain a driver's license in California?

The steps to obtain a driver’s license in California include completing drivers education, obtaining a learner’s permit, practicing driving with a licensed adult, and passing the DMV driving test.

Is it mandatory to attend a driving school in order to obtain a driver's license?

While attending a driving school is not mandatory in California, it is highly recommended to receive professional instruction and gain the necessary skills and knowledge for safe driving.

Can I schedule my behind-the-wheel training sessions at a convenient time for me?

Yes, driving schools usually offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate the needs of their students.

What is the pass rate of your driving school's students?

Our driving school maintains a high pass rate, and our instructors work diligently to prepare students for success in their driving tests.

How many hours of behind-the-wheel training are required by the state of California?

The state of California requires a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel training with a licensed driving school.

Can I take online drivers education courses in California?

Yes, California allows online drivers education courses that can be completed conveniently from home.

What documents are required to enroll in a driving school?

Typically, you will need to provide identification documents, proof of residency, and in some cases, a learner’s permit or a driving record.

How long is the validity period of a learner's permit in California?

The learner’s permit in California is valid for 12 months.


Do you provide assistance with the DMV written test?

Yes, our driving school provides comprehensive preparation for the DMV written test to ensure that students are well-prepared and confident.

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Online Drivers Education For Flexible Learning.

Welcome to our comprehensive Online Drivers Education program approved by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). With our 30-hour course, you'll not only receive the DMV Certificate you need but also gain all the essential knowledge to pass the written DMV drivers license test.